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New 52nd Avenue South Eastbound Bridge Open to Traffic


Residential Access Switch for 76th Avenue South

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Southwest Metro Improvement Projects

The North Dakota Department of Transportation Fargo District (NDDOT), Cass County, City of Fargo and City of West Fargo have improvement projects stretching from the I-94 interchange in West Fargo to the County Road 17/76th Avenue roundabout in 2019. This communication channel shares progress updates and roadway access changes for all these adjacent southwest metro work zones in eastern North Dakota.

The Southwest Metro Work Zone project teams held biweekly public information meetings to answer questions on all of these projects every other Friday, 9 to 9:30 a.m.

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West Fargo - Sheyenne Street Segment 2

Work Zone Limits:

Beaton Drive to 32nd Avenue South


  • Open to two lanes of Sheyenne Street traffic in each direction north of 26th Avenue W. to Beaton Drive, including the use of both Sheyenne Diversion channel bridges.
  • Open to three lanes of Sheyenne Street traffic in each direction south of 26th Avenue W.
  • Temporary access in use at 21st Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection with a dedicated southbound left-turn lane.
  • 24th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection is open to right-in/right-out traffic movements.
  • 32nd Avenue W. intersection is fully open to drivers. Local access will continue to use 32nd Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection to travel south to side streets.
  • Sidewalks open for pedestrians south of 26th Avenue W. to 32nd Avenue W. intersection.

Progress Report:

  • City of West Fargo and project staff are monitoring detour routes and traffic movements throughout the entire Sheyenne Street corridor. A traffic signal watch person is on-site daily to monitor the signal timing during peak hour of traffic flow and will make any needed adjustments through intersections.

West Fargo - Sheyenne Street Segment 3

Work Zone Limits

32nd Avenue West to 40th Avenue West


    • access the neighborhood by using the south entrance at 38th Avenue E. or by use of Sheyenne Street
    • motorists will travel to the posted detour route on Ninth Street to head north to 32nd Avenue W. or south to 40th Avenue W.
    • neighborhoods will use 34th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection to travel for access. Residents will have the south entrance open at Golden Spike to access the entire residential area around the loop.


  • Sheyenne Street south of 32nd Ave W to north of 38th Ave W.
  • 37th Avenue E. and Horseshoe Circle are closed to traffic using Sheyenne Street.

Progress Report:

  • As work progresses through the Sheyenne Street corridor, drivers are encouraged to eliminate distractions and slow down as work zone configurations may frequently shift.

Fargo - 52nd Avenue South

Work Zone Limits:

45th Street South to 63rd Street South


  • Single westbound and eastbound driving lane between 45th St S and Veterans Blvd
  • One lane in each direction in the eastbound lanes west of 63rd Street South intersection on 52nd Ave S
  • Intersection of 47th Street South, Veterans Blvd, 45th St S, 63rd St S, and 53rd Street South (right-in/right-out only)


  • Full roadway between west of Veterans Blvd and east of 63rd St S for concrete cure time and curb and gutter work
  • 53rd Avenue South intersection

Progress Report

Motorists will notice a new intersection design at three intersections along 52nd Ave S. The intersections of 47th St S, 53rd St S, and 53rd Ave S will operate as RCUT (Restricted Crossing U-Turn) intersections to better assist drivers with crossing multiple lanes of the widened roadway. The 47th St S RCUT intersection if fully open to drivers and the remaining RCUT intersections will open when project work is complete in early November.

RCUT intersection changes a traditional four-way stop intersection into a right-in and right-out intersection. When using an RCUT intersection motorists approaching divided highways from a side road are not allowed to make left turns or cross over traffic; instead, they are guided to take an right-hand turn onto 52nd Ave S and then make a U-turn at a designated median opening to continue travel.

Benefits of an RCUT intersection:

  • Eliminates dangerous left-turn and cross traffic movements (T-Bone)
  • Offers a well-defined access to the arterial roadway
  • Cost effective and safe solution for smaller intersections that don’t qualify for a signal system

The intersections of 63rd St S, Veterans Blvd, and 45th St S will all be signalized intersections.

NDDOT - I-94 &Shyenne Street Interchange

Work Zone Limits

I-94 – half mile east and west around Sheyenne Street Interchange


  • Interstate 94 traffic is currently two lanes in each direction.
  • All interchange ramps are open for entering and exiting interstate traffic.
  • Open to two lanes of Sheyenne Street traffic in each direction north of 26th Avenue W. to Beaton Drive, including the use of both Sheyenne Diversion channel bridges.

Progress Report

  • All permanent ramps are in use.
Overview Map
Project Map

Cass County - CR 17/76th Avenue South Intersection

Work Zone Limits

Cass County Road 17 (CR 17) and 76th Ave S/CR 6 intersection along with a small section of 76th Avenue South just north of the new elementary school.


  • On Saturday, August 17, crews opened the new Country Road 17 and 76th Avenue South roundabout in the evening. Motorists are no longer detoured to 81st Street South and through access on Country Road 17 has been restored in all directions. Speeds through the roundabout will be posted at 25 mph.
  • The new intersection design is an one and a half lane roundabout. This means there is an single traffic lane around the whole roundabout with extra turning lanes on both of the east side corners of the roundabout to keep northbound and eastbound in a continuous traffic flow.  


  • Section of 76th Avenue South east of the roundabout.

East on 76th Avenue South

Beginning at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, October 24, crews will shift residential access along 76th Avenue South. The Adelman Addition residential access will switch to entering the neighborhood by use of the new 76th Avenue South roadway for the next week.

There will be a brief period of time during the start of the traffic shift when access at the entrance will be a single lane and drivers will have to take turn entering and exiting. For the remaining phase of project work two lanes of traffic will be open for residential access at the intersection.

During this access switch residential traffic will encounter:

  • The three residential driveways west of Adelman’s addition will continue to turn on the new frontage road for property access.
  • No outlet east of Adelman’s Addition entrance until project work is complete.
  • County Road 17 and 76th Avenue South roundabout fully open for use.

By the end of next week, once crews complete this work neighborhood access will switch back to use of the frontage road to allow sawing and sealing along with permanent pavement markings for 76th Avenue South. Residential traffic will then stay in this traffic pattern until project work is complete in early November. 

Project Timelines

  • County Road 17 & 76th Avenue South Roundabout: OPEN
  • 76th Avenue South: slated completion date is early November

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