Armenian Nuptial Practices

Armenian nuptial traditions are an important section of the wedding planning procedure. These classic ceremonies incorporate a number of extraordinary rituals which will make the day extra memorable.

The Engagement

In Armenia, the eldest member of the groom’s family puts forth a proposal and asks for the hand within the bride. This is a critical tradition that symbolizes the importance of family members as well as the strength of bonding. The groom’s father and mother also enjoy an important position in the involvement by coordinating several visits and events that may lead to the pitch.

Primary Look

The first look between the few is a grand affair, including revelry and traditional individuals music. This is the moment when the bride grows to meet her future husband meant for the very first time.


Before the ceremony, the very best man makes an visual aspect at the bride’s house and presents her with a beautiful gift-wrapped holder called a “sinis. ” This basket holds items just like shoes, flowers, perfumes and chocolate. This is a fantastic way for the best man to show his love and passion prior to actual ceremony begins.


An additional relationship with korean woman popular wedding surprise is money, which is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. Guests will give the couple a small amount of cash on the reception or perhaps at the homes to help all of them start the new your life together.

Breaking China

Before going into the reception, the wedding couple break a plate as being a symbol great luck. This can be done to cast away any evil that may come with all their new life together.