Australian Twins Anna And Lucy DeCinque Share A Boyfriend

These Aussie Twins make he’s Kinky AF dreams be realized – No Judgment, Though

The Story

Saddle up, boys, ‘cause that one’s going to get odd. A current feature on Australian television about twins (and what makes these vibrant duos distinctive) additionally uncovered the unusual story of two Aussie identical twin siblings, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, that do every thing with each other, dress the same, plus discuss… a boyfriend.

Yep. You study that correct. Somewhere Down Under, there is a dude browsing town on two girls just who seem the identical following asleep with all of all of them within “extremely king-size” sleep. The video below enters many even more TV-appropriate details, making out whether they would, indeed, do *everything* collectively. So we do not know whether this guy is clearly residing completely a lot of individuals dreams at this time… but he could be. Take a visit:

The Snapshot

The Lesson

We are now living in 2016, consequently its currently the near future, and let me make it clear: the long run is filled with merely positively gobstoppingly strange stuff that tends to make your ancestors have actually a dang old-timey stroke when they could only see it. iPhones, hoverboards, vape pens, man-buns, and a couple of Aussie twins hypothetically having threesomes with only one guy.

You know what? To each and every their particular freakin’ very own, guy. Whether they have a situation worked out in which everybody’s happy (and demonstrably they hadn’t been pleased in earlier times dating separate men) and everybody’s a consenting sex clubs in seattle, then good on it. They’re residing their finest lives rather than givin’ a f*ck; we should be so happy.

Though if they ever before split up… that’s gonna end up being at least twice because difficult as a regular breakup.